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Welcome to Zion's Purpose. At this time in history, we are experiencing a global shift. Covid-19 has broken down the foundations of our society. This pandemic is ushering in a new era, where we are truly creating our own reality. ZP is facilitating this change with education about what it means to to be spiritually awakened and live your true destiny. 

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Chasta J Callies

Spiritual Life Coach

Hi! I’m Chasta J Callies and the founder and CEO of Zion’s Purpose also known as ZP. 

I am a spiritual life coach. I am also a recording artist and writer. I have spent many years looking, studying and searching for purpose. I facilitate change through divine order.  I have spent many years researching astrology and the bible and how they both connect with our life journeys.  I show you how you can become enlightened to who you truly are. I help you connect the dots. Life is about realizations and forward movement. My mission is to give you the tools necessary for your growth and healing for the soul’s ascension which is ultimately finding self- love which is true- love. 

ZP is a movement. With all the violence, sadness, and chaos our world is facing, there is still healing available. I love people. And I believe we are all connected whether we want to be or not. It’s just like the human body, when one part is hurting, the rest feels it. We can create a new beginning in our wonderful world with a little care and knowledge we can make it to Nirvana. Abundance is not reserved for a select few, it is freely given to those who search for it. 

ZP entertains, educates and assists with the greater knowledge of how to reach spiritual enlightenment.  When you are ready for change, we are here to help you transition and transform into who are were truly destined to be. We can be successful if we are willing to try.


"The mysteries of life are locked within the mind, we only need to realize it"

Chasta J Callies 


I offer zoom meetings, and phone sessions. 

I do not offer horoscope, Tarot readings or Clairvoyance.