• Chasta J Callies

Activating change in your life

As I look at the world we live in currently, we are trained from a young age to wait for the things we want. Now of course speaking as a parent, there are several reasons why waiting is appropriate when speaking about children. But I want to shed light on adults who are still waiting for something to change in their current situation. With change comes action. If you are not willing to take steps and measures to see things from a different perspective you will always be waiting for someone else to make the changes for you. There is no empowerment in waiting. The time is now. Take action NOW! Forget about the opinions of others! This will only hold you back and keep you stuck. Your life is special because YOU own it. No one else has the right to make choices or force choices on you. Once you realize this important fact and focus on your own happiness you begin the process, the activation of your own soul's destiny. Isn't that exciting?

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