• Chasta J Callies

The Experience

The world we live in is so amazingly beautiful. To know that God was intentional with how he made our environment is truly breathtaking. I always take a moment to look into the night sky and gaze at the moon. I watch the sun rise sometime but I want more. I find myself really thinking about earth and creation. Even the animals live in peace. I’m a bird watcher and I get tickled as I watch how carefree they are. They meet me every morning to say, “Rise and Shine”. We have been gifted with the honor and dominance of taking care of this earth.

As I see it, we have not been doing a very good job. How can we change this dynamic? By, understanding our role as the keepers of this beautiful mystery. Joy can be found in the simple things, like slowing down to smell the flowers. I experience such awe and pure bliss when I receive a bouquet of flowers. It makes me happy.

It’s the experience that we live for. Good or bad, win or lose we are here as keepers of the Earth. We can make our experience a joyful one or a dreadful one. It is ultimately our choice. However, what one does affects the others, like a ripple effect. We can change our experience,

when you know to do better, you do better

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